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This site is dedicated to things that you will (hopefully) find useful. I write about tech, social media, life hacks, television news, business and entrepreneurship. Occasionally I’ll add something that makes zero sense to the average reader. Don’t ask me why. My goal is to deliver some ideas to your device’s screen you may have not realized, thought of or knew about.

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Josh Benson and Tara Manis
My wife Tara and me.

I am a television news anchor and reporter for WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida. I anchor the 4 and 5:30pm newscasts on News Channel 8 and the 6:30pm and 10:00pm newscasts on The CW Tampa Bay. I’ve covered the news in the Twin Cities, Southern Minnesota, Tucson, Orlando, Miami and most recently, Tampa, Florida.

It’s been a wild adventure traveling around the country and learning so much about each region in which I’ve lived. From the dreadfully depressing to shockingly satisfying, TV News has given me something different to explore each day. That’s the reason I dreamed of doing it in the first place. The business has changed, however.

I was fired from TV News back in 2013 (very unexpectedly). It was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I sincerely thank those who helped make the decision (you know who you are!).  For more than a year I was able to live life at my speed, build my company and re-evaluate what is truly important. I married my best friend and sweet Canuck Tara Manis. Things may get by me, but they most likely won’t get by her. My cooking got better. Our apartment has never been so clean. I launched the second start-up of my life…and shut it down like the first one. And yes, I lost money. But I took away things about the start-up culture that an MBA would have trouble teaching.

I founded Joker Media, LLC in 2002, a digital agency that’s allowed me to deliver high-quality digital services for some really great individuals, companies and organizations. Our slow and steady growth year to year has allowed for some explosive growth recently and we love the clients we work with and continue to attract.

I’ve had a fascination for missing person cases since my first job as a reporter in the early 2000s. I attached myself to the disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit, a missing anchor from Iowa. My first News Director and I still investigate the case to this day and chronicle our findings along with our team at FindJodi.com – which is now a non-profit.

I never get bored as I find there is never enough time in a day to follow interests, hobbies and learn new things. And you’ll find me on the golf course endlessly working on my game. What other sport can you play into your 80s? This website highlights my interest in tech, biz and TV News – and how I can help others solve their tech problems on and offline. Never hesitate to reach out.

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