Why you should be using a password manager

In an era where digital footprints are unavoidable and cybersecurity threats are ever-evolving, safeguarding our online identities has become paramount. One powerful tool that has risen to the occasion is the password manager, and among the top players in this game is 1Password. Let’s dive into why using a password manager is a smart move and why I’m particularly fond of 1Password...

I’ve joined TikTok but don’t ask me why

First off, I had to go to the website to see if it was Tik Tok or TikTok. That’s how out of touch I am. But I’ve joined TikTok and I’m still kinda wondering why I have. But one of my videos did blow up, so am I TikTok famous? By blow up, I mean 100K views. Seems big to me. Nothing near the range of these kiddies knocking out 1M views per day. You won’t find me lip synching...

A great app for losing weight

When turned 40, my body started to let me know who’s boss. The mind takes a back seat and the transformation begins. Eyes start to not see as clearly, knees start to not bend as easily and overall, weight doesn’t fall off nearly as easy as it used to. So last year, I was happy to discover a great app for losing weight. There are a million apps for anything, so when I was looking for...

Great app for wine lovers

Have you ever wondered where the wine you're drinking comes from, why it tastes the way it does or what it truly costs? I discovered a great app for wine lovers and now I'm learning way more about wine than ever before. And I'm blown away at how much restaurants mark up their wines!


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