The Bucs are headed to the Super Bowl

This is unbelievable. To see a team you root for head to the Super Bowl is an experience I’ve never well, experienced. I’ve been a lifelong Vikings fan. But since I’ve lived in Tampa for the last 6 years, I became a Bucs fan by proxy, and boy am I glad that happened. First off, Tom Brady came to down. The year started okay, but it was evident he was meshing with the team. Wins...

Bella is getting in to the soccer game

I grew up with baseball, basketball and football. At no time did I dabble in soccer. So at age 41, I’m afraid to say I can hardly recite the rules to the game. It’s all mush to me. Soccer wasn’t big in Central Minnesota coming up in mid-80s. However, hockey was. And I never played. So go figure. Regardless, I’m happy to see Bella branching out and trying something outside...

The ‘Tiger’ documentary is a jaw-dropper

Everyone knows Tiger Woods. In fact, you just need to call him Tiger. Like Madonna, he really doesn’t need a last name given the impact he’s had on the world when it comes to his success in the game of golf. I’ve always been a fan, I guess. Like a lot of people, it’s fun to see what he can do week in and week out in golf tournaments. And when his life got flipped upside...


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