Shawn Mendes has it figured out

My wife and I stumbled on the Shawn Mendes documentary on Netflix last night. Not being a huge Shawn Mendes fan, but a BIG fan of ‘rock docs’, I was fine to give it a go. What I learned very quickly is that Shawn Mendes has it figured out. Early on, he created Vines (short social media videos) in his bedroom of his parents house in Pickering, a small city of Ontario, Canada. My wife...

Time to fire up the keyboard

I played piano when I was younger. I don’t know how, but I managed to stick with lessons for a few years. As I got older, I didn’t play as much, but I wish I had. Over the years, I would go through spurts of practicing and getting the chops back. My biggest strides came in college at the University of Colorado. We had an old baby grand piano in our building. Since I didn’t know...


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