Day 42: Kenpo X

I said, I’m taking the weekend off! Not really, but I just didn’t get the workout done. No excuse. Red X time. Ouch.

Day 41: Legs & Back

Don’t ask. Taking the weekend off. Yes, X time. Sometimes you can’t possibly fit anymore into a day without killing yourself. I’m convinced either I keep myself that busy, or I’m not cut from the fabric of those who can master working out on top of ridiculously long days. Oh well. It may not be 100%, but it’s the next best thing. Haven’t given up yet!

Day 40: Yoga X

Good workout today. Stretching is just what I needed. It never fails, if I’m out of the loop for awhile or have a few days off, the body tightens up luck crazy! So this is good to do and do often.
Weekend right around the corner. That’s great news in itself. We have to shoot pictures at work tomorrow. I wish I had a tan, paste face. Have a good one.

Day 38: Back and Biceps

Another busy day, but another modified workout. Got some good reps in today. I’ve been slacking on the blog a bit lately due to the fact I’m SO busy, but now I’m catching up. Feel the burn! Ouch. Pulled something. Kidding. Later.

Day 37: Plyometrics

Quick and dirty today. I was out of time so I did what I could to get in the workout. So it wasn’t impressive, but we got some of it in today. That’s starting to become a trend, so I need to buckle down and try to make more time for the workouts.

Spreecast Tech & Biz Channel

The Internet is growing so rapidly, is kinda freaky. Think back a decade ago when you were fighting to get your DSL connection to just ‘hang on’ and not timeout. I remember trying to stream video in college and use instant video chat. The result was about as good as the beer left in the keg from the party a week prior. Faster speeds and better technology have given birth to amazing...

Day 35: Kenpo X

Killed it today. Amazing what a difference a day makes. I worked out later in the afternoon actually trying something called ‘relaxing’ for a change. I stayed OUT of my office for the most part (well, snuck an hour in the chair), but for the most part, I relaxed. It is Super Bowl Sunday after all. Prior to the game I got in a great workout and was full of energy – something...

Day 34: Legs & Back

I just couldn’t get going today. So, I bought myself a red X. Man, I hate writing those damn things on the progress calendar. But I don’t know what it was today. I’ve had other days where I was in less of a mindset to workout. Maybe I’m bored with P90X. Actually, I know I am. I can’t stand it because I’ve done it so many times. I need to get the P90X 2. But I...

Day 33: Yoga X

Good day to stretch out. I had some days off, so Yoga X was a good workout for the day. It’s amazing how you can neglect the stretching for just a few days and then be tight as a board in no time. I have wickedly tight hamstrings. Super tight. Some of the Yoga moves are borderline impossible, I.E. twisting right angle pose. I just can’t get a hand up in the air. My body does not bend...


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