Blogging every day is no joke

When I set out to blog every, single day of 2020 as a New Year’s Resolution, little did I know how challenging it would be. Blogging every day is by no means easy. And when I started, I had about five ideas to talk about. Well, those burned up in the first week. So today, I’m behind, I’m out of ideas and I’m trying to go to bed. So alas, my topic is blogging every day and...

One month down, many to go

Blogging every day is not easy. Damn, it’s hard. More often than not I find myself staring at my computer screen at 11:00 p.m. working to get the words out. But today, I’m happy to report I’ve been blogging 30 consecutive days. I’ve learned a lot of things. In order to continue, I need to revise my plan a bit. Here are some things I’ve learned to help make blogging...


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