Goodbye, Christmas

And just like that, Christmas is over. It’s always fascinating to see how quickly it comes and goes. But I’m ALWAYS relieved when I can pack it up and call it a holiday. Decorating in the Benson household is no small task. We live in a 3 bedroom condo and have 5 Christmas bins of decorations. It doesn’t compute.

But that’s thanks to my wife. For some reason, she loves to decorate more than necessary. And decorate early. We had our tree up on November 5th. I think that was a new record. I keep asking why, but I do what I’m told and go grab the bins from storage. It’s inevitable, so just do it, right? Happy wife, happy life, they say.

Christmas Bins
Here’s your holiday lineup. One less player on the roster for next year!

But something amazing happened this year. While packing up the decorations, I helped pack the Christmas bins. I usually leave this task to Tara since she likes to know where things are. But with that comes a lot of things that should be tossed and thinned out. We strategically packed and were able to empty a full bin. That may not sound like breaking news to you, but when you’re the poor sap who has to drag the bins back and forth from storage unit to the condo, this is a serious celebration.

Now we have 4 HUGE bins of Christmas decorations. Not 5. Oh, and I threw away two nasty old trees with broken lights that sat in our entry. AND I got rid of a 10 year old tree we would set up in the bedroom. It needed to go.

So for those keeping score: 1 bin, 2 mini trees and one big tree OUT THE DOOR.

It’s a Christmas miracle and it made packing up the decorations and closing out the season extra sweet. Until next year, folks. Happy New Year. Here’s to a 2024 free of clutter.

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