Where is my Facebook Like button?

Remember when Facebook would tinker and roll out new features whether you liked them or not? Well, it’s happening again and this time the question many will ask is where is my Facebook Like button? Facebook announced a few days ago that they’re changing Pages (not standard profiles if you have just a normal Facebook profile). If you don’t know the difference, you sign up for a...

Why I love Facebook Marketplace

I’ve known about Facebook Marketplace for years, but never used it. Why in the world would we need another place to sell our junk? But if you’ve read my recent posts, you know I’ve delved back into eBay and Craigslist and offloading stuff from my storage units. But selling has picked up! That’s why I love Facebook Marketplace. When I have stuff to sell, I generally go to...

A look back to when Twitter was just a funny word

Not only was Twitter a funny word, according to this photo there were a lot of funny moments back in Tucson, Arizona. Many moons ago, I worked in Tucson. Matter of fact, it was 2005 -2010. When I first moved there from Southern Minnesota, I was in shock. Easy to understand since it was a complete cultural bodyslam. I was a kid who could barely handle ‘Extra Mild’ Pace Picante sauce...


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