Loom just discounted their prices and made platform FREE for teachers

Coronavirus is forcing thousands to telecommute. We’re already seeing major companies ask people to work from home when and if they can. Terms like ‘social-distancing’ are making their way into the vernacular. So how do you get work done from your desk at home? I use a lot of tools, but this Loom is quick and easy (and now free and/or with no limits for users). Loom is a very...

Online tools: Zoom and Loom

As the Internet grows and more and more of us create content for and communicate on the Web, the tools that help us complete our tasks get even better. And our options are vast. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right tool for the job. Today I want to talk about two excellent tools I use to A) communicate face to face with people online and B) give people instruction with the help of screen...


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