Loom just discounted their prices and made platform FREE for teachers

Coronavirus is forcing thousands to telecommute. We’re already seeing major companies ask people to work from home when and if they can. Terms like ‘social-distancing’ are making their way into the vernacular. So how do you get work done from your desk at home? I use a lot of tools, but this Loom is quick and easy (and now free and/or with no limits for users).

Loom is a very fast way to communicate. You can jump on screen and talk (yourself in the bubble on the screen) through anything on your computer. The platform records your actions, quickly saves the video and prepares a link. They say you speak 6x faster than you write, so Loom is built behind that stat.

But in the midst of everything happening with coronavirus, it was inevitable companies like Loom would see a huge profit – and they have. But what’s cool is this company realize the value they are delivering and making it accessible to everyone for free and upgraded features are discounted. And all features for teachers free for life.

So if you’re a teacher and need a great tool, you may want to check out Loom. I’m all about software that makes life easier and work faster.

Bravo to this company looking at the big picture over profits and truly helping people in this time of need.


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