Baseball cheating: stealing signs and tossing emery boards

I gotta say, the Astros have some serious stones. To pull what they did in stealing signs using video cameras, cell phones and a trusty garbage can, go beyond any Hollywood storyline. They are next level. But they got busted. And as I scrolled through coverage about the incident (and what could be coming to the Red Sox), it got me thinking of how sheltered I’ve been in my early life for...

How to talk Minnesotan: a survival guide

Today has been full of discovery. But nothing comes close to the gem I came across for anyone planning to live or visit my home state of Minnesota. If you are frightened, it’s a normal feeling. But with the right training, even you can understand, coexist and thrive in the rural townships dotted along the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Learn how to talk Minnesotan. The following video may be too...


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