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Happy New Year, I have few plans

Well, would you look at that. We made it. Happy New Year. Not that we’re even close to out of the woods yet with coronavirus, but at least there are some signs of promise on the horizon. I worked this week (a lot) since everyone else is off and enjoying the last of their holiday time off. I was lucky to have Christmas off. That’s the thing about TV News – you’re always...

Grateful for 2020

Yeah, it felt weird to type that title. While 2020 will be chalked up on many lists as the worst on record, I can’t say it was that way for our family. We were lucky and extremely grateful for 2020. Here is a quick look back at some of the bright spots in such a dark year. Hello, Brookie! We welcomed Brooklyn Hart Benson into the world and a very strange operating room rife with PPE, Covid...


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