Happy New Year, I have few plans

Well, would you look at that. We made it. Happy New Year. Not that we’re even close to out of the woods yet with coronavirus, but at least there are some signs of promise on the horizon.

I worked this week (a lot) since everyone else is off and enjoying the last of their holiday time off. I was lucky to have Christmas off. That’s the thing about TV News – you’re always working some holidays whether you like it or not. The news never sleeps. So you have to choose your battles and hope you get some sort of family time when it matters (it always does).

I went down the rabbit hole on this blog to 10 years ago and yep, I was working then as well. But on this day I discovered food delivery a la Door Dash. Last night’s meal was compliments of Uber Eats. It’s amazing how much things change, and stay the same even a decade later.

Coronavirus Crowds
The crowds weren’t this packed, but it kinda felt like it.

As I was driving back to work last night after dinner, I watched the crowds at the bars. Yes, you heard me. There were legit crowds of people standing outside the bars. The lines snaked into the parking lot. I had to dodge drunken revelers in the street. No one was stopping at crosswalks to let said revelers cross (except me because I was perfectly sober). I can’t say that for the rest of the motorists out there.

In my post yesterday, I mentioned we had the highest number of coronavirus cases in Florida since the beginning of the pandemic. 17,192. Yikes. So like any natural follow-up, today’s story was the horror of all the partiers ignoring the calls to stay home – but instead flood the streets, bars and restaurants. It truly is the wild south down here in Florida. I fear the next week’s case numbers. They have to be astronomical.


With that said, I called my wife during dinner at my desk to talk about the weekend. We both can’t wait to just be done with this week. She, of course has double duty with the kids, the dogs have to be walked by dog walkers and we both go to bed late and get up early thanks to the schedule this week (late news starts at 11pm here, not 10pm like back home in the Midwest). We both uttered a few plans…then stopped and said we’re actually not going anywhere given these numbers.

So it’s back at home. We plan to take down Christmas decorations (so domestic!). I’ll make my trips to the infamous storage unit. And that will be Saturday.

I hope you are safe and healthy where you are and the cases aren’t too crazy.

But if you want crazy, come to Florida.

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