18 years: the search for Jodi Huisentruit

18 years is a hell of a long time to wait without answers.

I can’t imagine how the family of former television news anchor Jodi Huisentruit must truly feel. I’ve talked with a few of them over the years and we stay in touch, but to deal with the pain and agony of not knowing where a loved one is, must truly be the worst nightmare anyone can face.

Jodi was abducted 18 years ago today from the parking lot of her apartment complex in Mason City, Iowa.

She was a morning television news anchor. She loved her job, friends, golf and parties. She wanted to do well in her career. She just got a new car. She was getting better at water skiing. But that all ended just after 4:00 a.m. on that rainy Tuesday.

She hasn’t been found. No suspects have been named. Authorities say they’re no closer to solving the crime than 18 years ago.

Disappeared without a trace. So cliche. So unbelievable.

The fact was enough to fire me up to try and find her and her abductor. My first News Director Gary Peterson and I joined together to find answers. Our work developed into a website, FindJodi.com and later a non-profit FindJodi.com, Inc. And from that we built a team that continues to grow.

We hate these anniversaries. Yes, because we’ve failed at our goal, but more importantly, because a person or persons got away with this tragic crime and forced Jodi’s family and friends into a permanent hell on earth.

Please watch our video above. We’re older, but we’re not done. We’d love your support and interest in the case.

There’s still time to #FindJodi

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