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My Dad always told me I’d need glasses around age 42. I took that to mean if I didn’t by the time I made it to that age, I’d never need them! Funny how ‘Father Time’ smacks you upside the head and reminds you there’s no way to sidestep aging. Now 44, the blurry eye monster has called my name.

Today I picked up my first pair of glasses. I just recently had my first eye exam. It’s all very new. To make things even more complicated, these are progressives meaning I can see three different views clearly in one, handy frame.

My vision is great (20/20, I’m told). It’s the closeups that are the tough part. I find myself squinting at the phone, at small text, at labels…many of you know the drill. I figured it was time to get some ‘readers’. But the good people at Warby Parker sold me on Progressives. That way I can leave them on or take them off – my choice. With my knack for losing sunglasses, I feel that leaving them, fastened to my head is probably a strong play.

It was also the first time I used my vision insurance. I think I’ve paid for it the better part of 22 years. Finally nice to see something in return (literally!).

So to all my glass-wearing friends out there, it’s good to be in the club. These glasses are taking a little getting used to, but then again, it’s only been about 10 hours. Sheesh.

Happy seeing!

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