A great app for losing weight

When turned 40, my body started to let me know who’s boss. The mind takes a back seat and the transformation begins. Eyes start to not see as clearly, knees start to not bend as easily and overall, weight doesn’t fall off nearly as easy as it used to. So last year, I was happy to discover a great app for losing weight.

There are a million apps for anything, so when I was looking for something to help ‘assist’ in losing weight, I just wanted to focus on the food. Because I firmly believe what you eat is 80% of the losing weight phenomena.

[Disclaimer: This is not a promotion or affiliate link, I don’t get paid anything. I am just passing on something I like that worked for me.]

Great app for losing weight

The app is called Lose It! (appropriately). The concept is simple. You input what you eat for each meal. Stay within a healthy allotment of calories and voila! You lose weight. The best part of this app is you can scan any UPC code on your packaging and it pulls in all the data you need. Stellar.

Great app for losing weight
These are my actual results. I stopped using the app a few months, but I’m back with a vengeance.

I hate to admit it, but I didn’t work out much at all during the process of using the app (about 90 days or so). I started on July 7th and hit my lowest mark on October 7th. So exactly three months.

  • Starting weight: 216
  • Ending weight: 203
  • Total: 13 pounds

Great app for losing weight

My goal was 200 pounds so I’m a little ticked off I didn’t finish the job. I bring this up because I have started back on the app (with workouts this time around!) and want to blow the 200 goal out of the water. At press time I’m at 208. So I gained back a few – which is easy to do.

Great app for losing weight

All it comes down to is paying attention to what you put in your mouth. My wife and I actually measure out our dressing with a tablespoon. We count out crackers (yes, annoying) and we try our best to limit the alcohol (leave extra calories for that at night). Lol.

But if you’re looking for an app to help you lose weight and you have some motivation to be organized and follow the program, this one will work for you.

Have any other apps you like? Let me know in the comments.

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