Great app for wine lovers

If you’re a wine lover like me, chances are you spend some time staring at the bottle. You question the history of what it is you’re drinking. While I never made it to sommelier status when it comes to consuming wine, I have been intrigued to learn more about wine. That’s where Vivino comes in – a great app for wine lovers.

The app has been around for awhile. It was recommended to me by a friend while we were out to dinner. You’ll pick better wine by holding the bottle up to your camera with the app opening – and it’ll unlock all the info you need about the wine. You can also rate the wine, buy the wine or read others reviews of the bottle that you’re holding.

You can also scan wine lists as well and distill magical information on the spot.

Great app for wine lovers

Great app for wine lovers

Only once have I held up a bottle of wine and it didn’t recognize it. That’s probably a bad thing. But overall, I enjoyed the app as I learned a lot about how good (or how awful) my wine selections were.

One thing that will really shock you is if you pull the app out in a restaurant, you can see how much the markup is on the wine you’re drinking. We all know it’s quite big, but sometimes it’s simply shocking. But you’re paying for the experience, riiiight? Haha.

I don’t get anything in recommending these apps, I am just passing along neat apps when I see them.

Happy sipping and snapping! ????


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