Time to fire up the keyboard

I played piano when I was younger. I don’t know how, but I managed to stick with lessons for a few years. As I got older, I didn’t play as much, but I wish I had.

Over the years, I would go through spurts of practicing and getting the chops back. My biggest strides came in college at the University of Colorado. We had an old baby grand piano in our building. Since I didn’t know anyone, I would go down there and play. As a result, I got better quickly.

But given how busy I am, I find it difficult to ‘make the time’. Over the pandemic, I sold my old beat up keyboard (a Roland 150 that has seen college rock band gigs through and through, been spilled on, tripped on and overall abused). It went to a good home at an incredible price. But the new keyboard sits and stares at me…begging me to play it.

That time has arrived. My daughter Bella asked my wife recently if ‘she and Daddy could learn Champagne Problems from Taylor Swift’. She would sing, I would play the piano. And she had hopes of being on the ‘Ellen show’. Well, I don’t know about the second part, but I’m more than happy to oblige learning the song.

Fire up the keyboard

It’s a bit odd my 4-year-old daughter wants to sing a song about champagne and problems. That will come soon enough. But hey, it’s artistic bonding – so I’m not going to ask questions. But we will need to omit the F bomb Taylor drops in the song. TAYLOR!

Time to find the sheet music and fire up the new keyboard.

See you on Ellen. ????

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