Bella is getting in to the soccer game

I grew up with baseball, basketball and football. At no time did I dabble in soccer. So at age 41, I’m afraid to say I can hardly recite the rules to the game. It’s all mush to me.

Soccer wasn’t big in Central Minnesota coming up in mid-80s. However, hockey was. And I never played. So go figure.

Regardless, I’m happy to see Bella branching out and trying something outside of the ‘dance’ realm. She has a lot of piss and vinegar and this is surely one way to help release it. We grabbed a deflated soccer ball and took to the field Saturday for some practice. She shouldn’t heed too much of Dad’s advice. Focal points were kicking with the inside of her foot and when coming up to the goalie, give a little jook – look one way and kick the other while making a strange face to throw them off.

That’s summarizes my strategy.

Monday should be interesting. Either scrapes, bruises, tales of woe, or stories of soccer success await. Maybe a combination of all of them.

Which is totally fine with me. ⚽


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  • My granddaughter is a sophomore and has been playing 9 years. Soccer is a great sport. Currently she is #1 in her district and #3 in our county stsndings and hopes to earn a scholarship.

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