Dads and miscarriage: it’s sucks for everyone

If you’ve ever dealt with a miscarriage, I don’t have to tell you how frustrating, sad and awful it is. My wife Tara and I have dealt with our fair share and wished we hadn’t, but that’s life. We’ve found over time, the pain remains, but gets better when you work through it together. And for Dads and miscarriage, it’s not much easier.

I learned a lot through the process of my wife’s miscarriages. As someone who likes to ‘hurry up and fix problems to get back to normal’, I learned that’s just not how it works. Healing frustration, anger, sadness…it all takes a lot of time and communication.

And as a couple who loves to plan, we found that plans don’t always work and life makes its own decisions. I outlined our story on NBC’s TODAY Parenting and I appreciate them featuring the story.

For Dads and miscarriage, there’s not a lot of answers to ‘make it better fast’. Be patient, be present and drop the plans. Just live life best you can.

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