Hacks of Life: It’s the simple things

I’m back with some more life hacks. For those of you who haven’t heard the term, I’ll remind you once again:

Life hack, or ‘life hacking’ is any productivity trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method to increase productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life; in other words, anything that solves an everyday problem in a clever or non-obvious way.

jo-and-blair-the-facts-of-life-jo-blair-33080696-400-300But I’m already tired of the term Life Hack. So I’m going to change up the name and add a weekly segment to my blog called simply the #HacksOfLife.

The Facts of Life was an awful show. I admit it, I watched it. But there were better shows when I was a run growing up in the 80s. If you weren’t born in the 80s, or at least lived through them, proceed to Hacks of Life below. You won’t understand the following.

Blair was hot. Natalie, not so much. Tootie had a funny name. Mrs. G. was a cool lady.  I always thought Jo was a lesbian (It turns out she actually is in real life. Thank you, Google.).

Regardless, the Facts of Life was a show that aired in a simpler time. We all like simple. So I give you more, simple life hacks in the form of the Hacks of Life.

Hacks of Life: 10 more to make life easier


Couldn’t be a better time to know this one. I always put tape on the edges and ripped about a foot of paper trying to get it off.


Great idea. I just always assumed I had to vacuum after this mess.


So you DON’T have to buy the AS SEEN ON TV kit, after all!?


When I do have kids, noted. Probably good for some drunk adults too.


Geez. So easy. All my paint cans in the past had a nice paint job down the side.


Nothing irks me more than a wrinkly collar. Problem solved.


Ah yes, Mini DV cases. Love them. Have lots of them. Now have lots of iPhone docks.


I WILL try this.


I already do a variation of this, but I will keep trying.


I’m convinced this is impossible. Perhaps if you had the instructions in front of you it would work. I just ball it up until I get an a sloppy rectangle and make it work. Genius stuff here, people.

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That’s it for this weeks #HacksOfLife. We’ll be back after Thanksgiving with more. I will be anyway. If you have any great hacks I should check out, send them my way or let me know the link in a comment. Thanks and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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