How to price your stuff to sell

I’ve been on a major binge lately. No, not with Merlot (although that wouldn’t be awful). But with selling stuff and making room in my storage unit. Many times it’s tough to determine how to price your stuff to sell. But there’s a super easy trick to get you in the ballpark.

Today was a perfect example. I have an older iMac that I want to part with. It’s slower than I’d like it to be and frankly we don’t have room for it. Condo life is not conducive to having an office, so it needs to go and we’ll replace it in the future.

How to price your stuff to sell
Good to set up your product with all the parts so buyer’s know what they’re getting.

So I found the make and model, reformatted it (deleted everything off it and prepared it for sale). I even kept the original box (expert mode for selling! Always a great idea). So the next step is pricing it. For that, head to eBay.

If you don’t have an account, just register one. It’s free. Then when you’re logged in, search the item you’re looking to sell. You’ll see several examples of products that fit that search criteria. Then the magical move.

How to price your stuff to sell
Be sure to check Completed Items and Sold Items to get the true, ballpark value of the product you’re selling.

On the left sidebar, scroll down to Completed Items and Sold Items. Check both of the those boxes. The page will refresh and show you what items (like yours) sold and for how much. You’ll likely get a range. Average that out and you’ll have your best ballpark price for your item.

Based on my computer, I searched ‘apple imac 21.5 retina 4k late 2015’. 37 results were kicked back in completed and sold items. I got prices between $795 and $299. Pretty large swath, but it solidifies my thought that $500 would be a great place to start.

How to price your stuff to sell
Examples of recent auctions that sold a similar computer I have.

So the next option is to either sell it on eBay and run an auction (since it could go for more than $500, or list it for $500 on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Either way I have a good chance at selling it. But since I have the box and the dimensions and weight, I think I’ll go with eBay and let it run. I’ll run an update here when it sells.

Happy selling! If you have any other tips for slinging your junk online, leave them in the comments.


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