The markets are a mess

Well, that was interesting. The market just cratered into an abyss after suffering some stunning declines thanks to coronavirus and an oil war.

If you like numbers, the Dow Jones industrial average face-planted 7.8 percent to close at 23,851. The S&P 500 shed 7.6 percent by the close and the Nasdaq tumbled 7.3 percent.

A lot of us have heard the term ‘circut breaker’ being tossed around. Essentially, that’s a forced 15-minute break to try and chill the market out and stabilize a bit. It seemed to work for awhile, until stock selling resumed.

I don’t know a ton about the stock market, but I do have to follow it for the sake of news. And I do invest a little here and there. I was a bit late to the game in investing (probably because as a younger guy I didn’t have a ton of liquid cash to toss around). But what I do see is an attractive time to buy stocks at sale prices.

Buy low, sell high – they say. You can’t get much lower than some of these stocks I’m seeing. Well, scratch that. They can easily go lower and likely will as there’s probably more bad news on the horizon with coronavirus.

But this is one of those days you’ll remember ‘where were you’ when the markets took a big tumble and we all wondered….whats’ next?

Stay hopeful and press on, my friends. It’ll blow over eventually.

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