A look back at when drones were all the rage

I remember when drones came on the market a few years ago. Actually, it was longer than a few years. I’m just aging that much faster now. But my first drone was a gift from my wife for my 35th birthday. It was also the weekend we got engaged. Thanks to this blog, I remember the day I opened the box of my Phantom 2 Vision+ from DJI.  These were new, exciting times. I was in love with all...

Up in the Air: Brickell Key

Up in the Air: Brickell Key It was a great night for flying near Brickell Key in Miami, Florida. We had some friends in town from Tennessee along with my fiance’s parents – so we decided to break out the Phantom 2 Vision + Drone and get some good aerial video as the sun was setting. I’m still a bit rusty on the controls but am working to smooth out shots and learn the ropes. Our...


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