Up in the Air: Brickell Key

Up in the Air: Brickell Key

It was a great night for flying near Brickell Key in Miami, Florida. We had some friends in town from Tennessee along with my fiance’s parents – so we decided to break out the Phantom 2 Vision + Drone and get some good aerial video as the sun was setting. I’m still a bit rusty on the controls but am working to smooth out shots and learn the ropes. Our friend Dr. Mike Tew gave flying a shot and was almost seamless on the controls. I liken that to having ‘steady, doctor hands’. I can’t say the same.

All it all, it was a great night for some good flying and great friends and family. I look forward to getting better at flying the Phantom 2 Vision + and capturing even more of Florida’s beauty.

You can look for regular updates and new videos on this website under the Up in the Air category.

Shooting down the Miami River in Brickell.
This is a still image shot from the drone mid-flight.

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