10 free Christmas fonts for your projects

If you like creating and designing your own holiday cards, or even if you like to juice up you emails this time of here, here are 10 free Christmas fonts that will help you do just that. Fonts that come standard on Microsoft Word or within any other program can get boring to use over and over again. With free fonts, you can easily install them on your computer for use year after year. It...

Seasons are changing, as should your wallpaper

I love when the leaves turn this time of year. Wait, I don’t see much of that in Miami. It’s the tradeoff. You get about 350 days of amazing weather and not much for changing seasons. Regardless, the changing of seasons is a great time do a number of things: winterize your home, check your smoke detector battery, vow to workout more (again) and change your computer screen’s...

Wedding party attack photos are all the rage

[su_highlight background=”#fffdc0″]Update (09.26.14)[/su_highlight] Now that I’m officially engaged this post is a lot more interesting. Ahhhh, the possibilities. Take a look back at your wedding photos. For those of you who’ve tied the knot, chances are you’re not seeing images of your wedding party fleeing from Tyrannosaurus Rex or freakish zombies looking to maim...


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