Wedding party attack photos are all the rage

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Take a look back at your wedding photos. For those of you who’ve tied the knot, chances are you’re not seeing images of your wedding party fleeing from Tyrannosaurus Rex or freakish zombies looking to maim and kill. If you’re like me, someone who has yet to hit the altar, then you still have an opportunity to work some photo magic with your wedding attack photos. They seem to be all the rage. And with programs like Photoshop, nearly anything is in play. So let your creative juices flow and check out these wedding party attack photos.

Wedding party attack photos gallery


AT-AT and Snowspeeder Attack – Above Photo Credit: glooko on Reddit


Tyrannosaurus Rex losing its mind. Wedding Couple: Kate Young and James Lowder, Photographer: Quinn Miller


Imperial AT-AT Walkers attack. Wedding Couple: Leslie Seiler and Paul Kingston
Photographers: Tony and Danielle Lombardo of Little Blue Lemon


It’s an alien invasion! Wedding Couple: Natalie and Josh Mayer Photographer: Jens Nink


Ah, the Zombies. By: Josiahx


Transformers attack! Wedding Couple: Natalie and Josh Mayer Photographer: Jens Nink


Marshmallow Man Attack (Ghostbusters) Wedding Couple: Carrie and Scott Photographer: Knight Image Photography

(H/T My Modern Met)

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