There was a nationwide Nest camera outage Monday

For some reason my Nest cameras crapped out for several hours Monday. I started cursing out my service provider thinking that they were the culprit. But believe it or not, there was a nationwide Nest camera outage Monday (Sorry, Spectrum). I just got an email from the company about the issue. They even put out a message online prior to the email. But kudos to Google for responding to ALL Nest...

It may (really) be time time to use two-factor authentication

Think for a second all the devices you have connected to the Internet. There’s probably more than you think. And you may have started using more complex passwords as you get older and wiser (note: If you’re not, seriously. Get with the times. You’re going to get hacked). But you’re likely NOT using 2FA. It may really be time to use two-factor authentication. I know...


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