2020 is here and my hamstrings know it

Drink it in (the air, not the wine). 2020 has arrived and with it the ridiculous set of resolutions that you promise yourself each year. I do. In fact, I do the same one each year and fail miserably. Since we’re on the topic of resolutions, I’d like to touch on two (there are many more that are far more important, but dinner is on the way and I don’t have that kind of time).

First, this blog. Yes, I’m going to attempt to blog every day in 2020. That sounds like a lot. Probably is overkill. In fact, I know it is. But I’m going to give it a shot. It’s cathartic. It’s creative. It’s helpful. It’s a lot of things. I’m hoping you find some of my future stories interesting and valuable. I have always enjoyed helping people figure out their tech or web problems as well as deliver simple life hacks. 2020 will include that, but also more about getting older and surviving the best way we can. I just hit 40, so queue up the midlife crises. They’re coming in hot.

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Second, fitness. Specifically, P90X. I can’t believe I’m still even talking about it. I have a love/hate relationship with this program. I believe I started trying it almost a decade ago when it was simply just P90x. The company that created it (Beachbody) is now much larger and has dozens of other programs. And P90X has seen volume 2 and 3 as well as spinoffs.

Working out in 2020
Not a soul in the gym on this New Year’s Day. A bit surprising.

I took a spin around my blog and found me amping myself up back in 2012 for the program. Then New Year’s Day 2012 hit. Look at us little kids (Tara and I had met just a few short years before). Then I see success. Then tragedy. Then the cycle starts over. It even started over the year before.

My point is, I’m great at failing. And it may be I’m really not as able as I think I am. Or, it may be I have terrible follow through. The list could go on and on. But here I am almost a decade later still trying.

This time around it’s not p90x. It’s P90X 3 – which is shorter. Thank God. It’s still tough. But I’m going to to give it a shot. I’m a week in on the ‘warm-ups’ and let  me tell you how weak and pathetic my body is. Dad bod has entered the foray. It’s a lot of desk time and overworking and overeating. It’s the same tune a lot of you can sing. But this time has to be different. Because after 40, it’s not really about the washboard abs and good looks (which I struggled to achieve in my 20s). No, now it’s about staying alive and creating a better mental state. Because when the body hurts, I find I’m in a seriously pissy mood. So it’s time to change that.

So there are two goals to help me stay accountable. Blog every day, work out nearly every day. Even if the workout is pathetic, just get to the gym (which is in my building so I should have ZERO excuses). I just hope I can find a pattern of success that triggers something in my weirdly wired mind that says – yeah, you can continue to do this no matter what.

Time will tell. Wish me luck. And good luck to all of you who have kicked off some resolutions. Yeah, they get a bad rep, but anything is a start. And nothing like starting over and trying again.

I’d love to hear about your New Year’s resolutions in the comments. Let me know what you’re up to and how things are going (yes, even if it’s the first day!) Happy New Year!

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