Good help is hard to find

Well, at an affordable price for a home renovation contractor during a pandemic, that is. We bought our condo late last year and it’s in dire need of an upgrade. We started the process in September and we’re still here, waiting to begin. Still working to lock down our contractors.

The issue appears to be the pandemic. People are stuck at home, so why not do some upgrades?! That’s the thinking for a lot of people. That means there’s a squeeze on contractors. So expect a 20% price hike to try and ‘fit you in’.

Tampa Home Renovation
Time for this mid-2000s kitchen to get a facelift. Same with the floors.

Add the city of Tampa to the mix where home prices are exploding. It’s only going to get crazier as time goes on (and if our teams keep winning championships). Even more the reason we want to get this done.

We did lock down our appliances, but I learned an amazing stat from the sales rep dealing with the appliances. He said at any time, big companies like GE for instance will have about 85 backorders for a product. That’s in a normal economy (no COVID).

Current backorders: 100,000+

Head explodes. So the wait time on appliances are about 3-4 months.

This puts us at May or June if we get started soon. I told my wife to prepare for a full year. She didn’t want to.

So now we keep slogging along. Hoping we can get this party started sooner than later.

A new kitchen with holes where the appliances go should be an interesting concept for a few months. ????

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