6th time’s a charm

I failed again. Sigh. P90X is one strange mess. I figured if I couldn’t begin the workout program and finish 90 days by over-planning, being creative, tricking myself, penalizing myself and so on, I might as well just stick with everyone else and make ‘working out’ a New Year’s resolution in 2011. So I started P90X for the 6th time. Nice follow-through, huh. Sheesh!

It was all on a fluke too. I had no intention of trying again. I was starting to run. I was working out in my buildings gym. So I WAS working out – just not getting closer to that 90th day – the day I’d become a P90X “Grad”. Ah well. There’s still hope. I was surfing Facebook when I noticed a few people talking about starting P90X. I got excited because I could warn them what NOT to do. So I gave them my pointers and they say they’re even more excited after talking about it. It’s been a week. I better check in to see if that is still the case.

I’m already getting through the initial soreness – especially the legs. But I have learned to go 1/2 speed the first week. Crucial.  So once this week is done, I’m ready to step it up another notch.

I’m not following the diet plan – but that’s because I eat pretty well and have learned what and what not to eat. Now it’s just about sticking to the program. What’s sad is that I can almost recite the entire collection of DVDs WORD FOR WORD. Annoying.

Wish me luck. 5 days down – 85 to go!

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