Up in the Air: Brickell Corner

A few weeks ago I took the Phantom 2 Vision + out for a little flight time with my fiance’s family. The sun was setting in Brickell and there were plenty of people going about their daily business. But it was a good time to catch Brickell as it generally is: big, beautiful and busy. We caught a great sunset shot at 00:50. It was the perfect time to film in the early evening.

It was a bit challenging flying in such a crowded area because the tall buildings can wreak havoc on your wi-fi signal and overall connection to the Phantom. Although as we flew up the Miami River, we got well past the bridge and still continued to get great reception. Things got a bit concerning when we flew over the Epic Hotel (the clip at the end of the video).

We lost connection and the Phantom seemed to just sit for awhile before doing it’s thing and entering ‘Return to Home’ mode (starting at 01:06) and it flew itself back to us and landed unassisted. That’s great technology, right there.

All in all, it was fun night getting some angles of Miami and Brickell that a lot of people don’t get to see all thanks to this new ‘drone’ technology out there.

Location: Brickell (Miami, Florida)
Music: Deadmau5 (Raise Your Weapon, Madeon Extended Remix)

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