It has been a crafty Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day.

In fact, (and probably more importantly for a lot of you), happy Friday. It is a beautiful day in Miami. I won’t rub it in too much for my friends to the north who’ve experienced one of the crappiest winters on record. The warmth is coming soon, we hope. We’ll send some sun your way.

My girlfriend Tara is generally sleep-deprived, punching keys on keyboard preparing scripts for the newscast at WSVN-TV and trying to share the little free time she does have by doing nice things for others. It’s really crazy how someone will forego any second of sleep she desperately needs to help make someone else feel a bit  better. Pretty cool, in fact.

Each Valentine’s Day, Tara gets the ‘Pinterest-itch’ I call it. She wants to take all the creative, crafty and artistic energy that has clogged her brain and let it out. I’ve been the lucky recipient of some of her projects. Take last year, for example and her ‘Bucket Dates’ project.


Last year she created a clever little bucket with individually wrapped ideas for our next date. Sadly, there are still a lot of unwrapped dates in there (primarily my fault), so we need to reach in and start clearing some of them out. But the time she put into this was unfathomable. And as you can see, the result is pretty awesome.


This year was a heart with a ridiculous amount of her favorite craft accessory: glitter. It’s not on the wall as of yet, but will be soon. Funny how it has that ‘FSU Seminole’ color scheme. Is it though? If you know Tara, you know she bleeds garnet and gold.


So we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day if you’re a lover or a fighter. But don’t be afraid to make something awesome. I cleaned the house today, so I feel like I made some progress.


Today I’ll be making some great chicken dish and for dessert, “Nutella Pillows”. Yeah, don’t ask. I figure if it’s good enough for Giada, it’s good enough for me. Nutella isn’t my thing, but Tara speaks to it sometimes like it’s a God.

Have a good day. Don’t get glitter on your face. It’s everywhere. Be sure to check out some of Tara’s other creations, in particular, her Easter wreathe or some of her favorite things on Pinterest. While beautiful, the house was not after she was done with this one. But hey, that’s what happens when you get the Pinterest Itch I guess.

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