A Gift from the Gods?

emergencH1N1 – why do we talk about it so much? Probably because it’s never been truly seen before and we all need to freak out about something now and then. Thousands die of the seasonal flu each year and thousands have died from H1N1. It definitely is a serious matter. Either way, I want nothing to do with it.

With my new motivation to work out and shed the “fluff” around the gut, I’ve decided to take dietary supplements a little more seriously. In this case – I’ve taken a good hard look at Emergen-C. This stuff is amazing. At the very bit of a tingle of a sore throat, an ache, a headache….I slam it. It’s probably 99% mind over matter, and I am probably a bit of a hypochondriac, but again…I can’t get sick. And moving into the holiday season, who wants to? There’s food to eat, Vikings to watch and family to hang with.

So thank you Alacer Corp. (Emergen-C’s distributor) for the 1,667% dose of vitamin C, and the B6 and the Maganese. You make me feel good, allow me to work out and fight the Swine.

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