A trip back home to Scandia, Minnesota

It’s always a good idea to take a break. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to get busy and stay that way; forgetting to slow down, take a breath and enjoy what’s around you.

Living in Miami has been wonderful. The weather is almost always sunny and beautiful. But it’s nice to get home and slow life down a bit. And there’s a nasty rumor it could even get into high 40s overnight. Oh boy.

Tara and I head out for Scandia, Minnesota later this morning. It’s the place I grew up and lived for nearly two decades. I’ve been on the road since then living in southern Minnesota, Arizona and a few spots in Florida.

But it’s a good time to shut the brain off, have some home cookin’ and catch up with family.

And chances are I won’t be shutting off my phone and internet signal. Are you crazy!?!

Ah, life.


Cover Photo: GammelgÄrden Museum. Scandia, Minnesota (Source: Terry MacVey, Flickr)

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