Bizarre Anchor Ledes: Only in Orlando

News Scripts Josh BensonIt was quite interesting for me to move from anchoring the morning news in Tucson, Arizona  to the evening news in Orlando, Florida. Perhaps one of the biggest changes I’ve noticed was the news itself.

Some of the content in the scripts I proofread before newscasts is oftentimes hard to believe. But it’s real.

An ‘anchor lede’ is the first sentence leading into an individual story of a newscast – here are some i just had to save, because they blew my mind.

  • “A teenage diver is recovering after accidentally being shot in the neck with a spear gun!”
  • “Bartow police have arrested a man who’s accused of killing his niece’s boyfriend and drinking his blood.”
  • “A Brevard County couple said they were just trying to figure out what they would do if someone ever broke into their home, but the husband ended up shooting his wife!”
  • “Police in Delray Beach say two men accused of cutting the tail off of a beached whale could face federal charges.”
  • “Jury selection is underway for Margaret Allen. She’s accused of holding down her housekeeper and pouring cleaning fluids down her throat!”
  • “Authorities say a north Florida man was arrested for almost chewing off part of his brother’s ear when they argued while drinking!”

Again, these are real. Hard to believe. And I feel there are many more to come.

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