How to win a billion dollars

I run the office lottery pool. And things are hot right now. Not that we’re winning anything, but there’s a great sense of morale in the newsroom for those playing the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries. If we were to hit either, we’d have $750M to distribute.

Usually the office pool isn’t on the radar unless a jackpot is worth north of $300M. It’s definitely there. And unlike one pool swelling to that number, there are TWO. At press time the Mega Millions and Powerball are both around $750M. We went through the first cycle, won a bit and reloaded it only to lose the last of it. But every Monday during this ‘hot season’, the pool comes alive with players.

How to win a billion dollars
More like ‘how to donate to Florida education’.

Odds are terrible, no doubt. But it’s fun to talk about ‘what if’ – especially during a pandemic. A lot of those playing would give a lot of it away – which is great to hear. The pandemic is really striking a chord for charitable giving.

After all, we’re all employed and thankful to be working.

Winning half a billion dollars would just be a cherry on top. ????

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