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I was trying to fall asleep last night by doing the worst thing you can do – surf the web on your iPad and generate ideas. Ideas are sleep’s nightmare. I wasn’t about to fall asleep even though that’s what I desperately wanted, so instead, I read about some neat things I’m planning on tackling. Now one of those ideas I just happened to flip across to where I almost missed it: create blog posts with narration.

I haven’t researched it much. I don’t even know if it’s a ‘thing’ yet in the masses. But I was looking up app development and came across a post from a guest blogger on TheNextWeb explaining his experience trying to develop an app for the holidays by recruiting talent off the website Elance. I started reading the post, but noticed a widget from SoundCloud at the top of the page. I figured this was more background on the story, another angle, a promotion for something else. I clicked it to find out since I wasn’t that familiar with SoundCloud anyway. It was actually the blogger reading his post. And the transcript was the actual blog post. Very basic! But I found myself listening to him and reading along. I don’t know if this was easier, I was lazier or if it was a pretty good idea.

It was the first instance of blog posts with narration I’ve ever come across. I know there are apps and other programs that allow you to read your daily news, highlights, headlines and general blog posts, but this was just a simple add-on that seemed to make sense. I could see it becoming very handy if you’re writing a how-to on a topic about an issue with the computer and someone just wants to follow along instead of read. Click. Move screen. Click. Read. Lose spot. Start over. You get it. I plan to give it a shot. This is my inaugural post with narration. It gives readers another option. People love options this day and age, they only have about 4 million for any given task all thanks to the internet.

So I bring you option 4,000,001. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to your feedback. I have to remove my cat from my mouse because he’s laying on it and attempting to type his own message.

Stop it, I’ll feed you in a second.

Anyway, thanks again and have yourself a great day no matter where you are! Actually, that was an exclamation point. So have a good day no matter…where you are! Interesting concept, this narration stuff.


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