Boost your Twitter engagement more than 300%

Twitter has come a long way since its inception.

In the early days, if you followed someone, they followed you back just because they were excited someone actually followed them. If you posted a link, they’d likely click on it because the concept of a ‘tweet’ was new to them. It was exciting to click on links.

Today is much different.

With over 555,000,000 Twitter users jockeying the platform for retweets, follows and overall attention to what their saying, it’s much harder to get people to listen to you and care about what you’re trying to say.

So it all comes down to implentation and strategy.

Boost your Twitter engagement more than 300%

Here is a great infographic from QuickSprout on how to boost your Twitter engagement more than 300%. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a long time to get the traction. But if you apply these methods (which I intend to do as well), success will be better achieved much quicker than using your current plan.

Boost Your Twitter Engagement

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