Caylee Anthony Memorial

Caylee Anthony Memorial
The memorial is only about 50 feet from the road.

My good friend Gary Peterson was in town this weekend. We were busy working on the launch of the new version of our website We’ve worked on the case 10 years and continue on…hoping to solve it. If you haven’t seen our new video – please check it out.

While Gary was here, we took a drive out to the Caylee Anthony memorial in Orlando. I had never been out there. I’ve covered the Casey Anthony case endlessly on our air at WFTV-TV, but never made my way out there to see it in person. I figured it was a good time to check it out. Gary had head up a search with Texas Equusearch when Caylee disappeared. He managed about 4,000 searchers – so he had every desire to see the exact spot Caylee was found.

It was interesting to see how closely she was found to the road. The spot was underwater when Gary led the massive search. But to see dry land and the memorial was a bit chilling.

Hand-written messages on the trees surround the memorial are now fading, but there are still a bunch of reminders of people who care what happened to the little girl. Sad stuff.

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Josh Benson


  • I guess poor little Caley’s murder will never be solved.Is this now a closed case? Shouldn’t someone be looking for more evidence or something? Why are YOU Casey,not looking for the real killer? Too busy getting your hair done,and trolling for men? If you truly loved your daughther,and if you are in fact innocent,then you would stop at nothing to avenge your daughter’s death! You say your father did it….then why would you be OK with letting him go on with life,like nothing happened? You are truly wicked,horrible human being, and one day you will have to answer to God,you cant lie to him. Just so sad.

Josh Benson


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