It’s funny to think it’s even Christmas morning. Living in downtown Orlando gives me very little sense that Christmas is even here. I’ve haven’t noticed any Christmas lights up or decorations (but it’s mostly tall buildings – so there are no trees, big yards or enough space to spread out a Nativity Scene). So I guess this year it sneaked up on me.

I spent my Christmas back in Minnesota last week after I flew into that snow storm. Now THAT’s Christmas. There’s no better Christmas than a white Christmas in my opinion. But after living in Tucson, Arizona and now Orlando, Florida – I’ve learned, no matter where you are or what the view and temperature is – Christmas is a good day to relax and be thankful. It’s been a good year for the most part. So Merry Christmas, I hope Santa brought  you everything you asked for.

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Josh Benson

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  • I´m living in Berlin, Germany and since I´m living here I have never seen that much snow in this city. This year´s Christmas is just beautiful here. Today is the 26th, but in Germany we get to have two days of Christmas 🙂 Even if you don´t have any snow in Orlando I bet you have this cute Christmas decoration hanging around all over downtown in shapes of candy canes ( do you call them that way??). I love them, but you rarely find them in Germany. Well anyways you got the candy canes and I got the snow, that´s fair 🙂
    So, I´m going to enjoy my last day of christmas now… 🙂

Josh Benson


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