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In a time of rapid development of new software, apps and technology, it’s common to find ideas that ‘miss the mark’. Sure, there are problems that need solving in this world of technology. Tech has grown so quickly, it’s hard to stay on top of everything.

It seems anyone can hire someone to develop a mobile app or a piece of software. Some are even smart enough to do it themselves. When was the last time someone asked you if you’ve tried the latest app called ‘____’? I bet it wasn’t long ago. And most would be surprised that you haven’t tried it. But it’s not uncommon. It’s simply too difficult to test out every piece of software on the market.

But the other day I noticed a new technology that was way overdue. Not only did it solve a consumer problem, it does the planet some good. Maybe you’ve seen CleanPrint by now, but if not, chances are you will soon enough.

CleanPrint does a few things, but the basic purpose is best: it actually prints a web story in format that is actually organized and readable.

Printout is bad on computer
Ever been this guy? Trying to read printouts from websites can oftentimes be downright maddening.

How many times have you read a story online, went to print it and had the results come out looking like the Dead Sea Scrolls? It happens to me often. You spend time in your print settings optimizing what you think are the best settings to make it look good and it still looks like garbage.

CleanPrint is a print tool that saves paper by offering settings that help you customize your printout. You can increase or decrease font size, remove or add images, add notes to you the print out, or print to PDF or email the story.

Printing to a PDF is a great feature. Many times in the past, you’d actually had to install a plugin from Adobe to allow you the ability to print to PDF. If you didn’t have it, it was a pain. Now it’s one click and you’re set.

And what makes this print tool so great is that you can get it for your browser to work with all websites. Publishers (like CNN and as examples) have already jumped on board to offer it to their readers.

The company who developed the plugin, FormatDynamics, says there are many benefits:

+ Easy to add to your browser
+ Environmentally responsible content output
+ Economical – saves ink and paper
+ Improves readability
+ Several output options available including Print, PDF, Email, Text, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, and Google Cloud Print

CleanPrint Print Tool
Here is CleanPrint in action. I was reading about the win my Wild pulled off and was able to print the document with customizable options on a left-side panel.

This morning I printed a story for research on an upcoming story I’m planning to cover. The initial CleanPrint page counter said it would be 2.15 pages in length. Since I consider my eyes to still be a somewhat strong sense (hearing, smell – not so much), I lowered the font size and got it under 1 page. Like a resume, I believe everything should be on one page! It’s much easier to manage.

I’m planning to add CleanPrint to a few of my websites like this one. Please check back and give it a test drive. You may also want to just install the browser plugin so you have it everywhere.

It’s nice to a piece of software that is free to the consumer and actually work as intended. Oh, and saving the planet? That’s a nice feature too.

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