Commercial: Singing Hoveround Guy

Michael LeLand
Michael LeLand is the talent behind the Hoveround jingle. Here he is proudly standing and not looking nearly as sweet as he does in the power chair.

I’ve spent the better part of twelve years anchoring the news. Whether it was in a frigid studio in Austin, Minnesota in the middle of winter, the dry, desert air of the studio in Tucson, Arizona, the humid, sticky studio in Orlando, Florida or the quiet, chilly and sometimes hot studio of Miami, Florida, one thing is for certain: I’ve watched a heck of a lot of TV commercials prior to the beginning of newscasts.

National commercials are generally the same, well produced and they stick to the script since large marketing companies develop them. They have to be good. Local commercials are amazing. They can be ridiculously clever or painfully horrific. Either way, they’re much more affordable. But sometimes you’re just lucky enough to spot something right down the middle: enter the Hoveround commercial featuring the golden pipes of Michael LeLand.

My camera operator Darrel and I use it as a daily pick-me-up. We sing along with LeLand as he belts out the pitch:

Hoveround takes me where I want to go….Whhhherre will it send me?

I’m not sure where it’ll send anyone, but the Hoveround chair will get you where you want to go – given you’ve charged it and you’re not in a hurry. Just check out where these ladies ended up…the Grand Friggen’ Canyon!

Super Agro!

After doing a search for the identify of this large, African American man with amazing vocals, I finally discovered his name was Michael LeLand. And when I first saw him, he was STANDING! Right away I felt great for him. Sometimes we forget actors…well, act.

I learned LeLand has an impressive resume from the stage and as a producer. His resume states:

Michael LeLand has worked as an actor, singer, writer, theater educator, producer, choreographer and director in New York City and in his hometown of Philadelphia for over fifteen years. Mr. LeLand’s work as a director has received critical acclaim from The New York Times, Village Voice, New York Amsterdam News, Back Stage, The Off-Off Broadway Review, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia City Paper, and Canales Magazine.

Currently Mr. LeLand has several projects in different stages of development. In November his play Faded Corsage will be present as part of Sticky A one act theatre festival featuring short plays set in bars, produced by BlueBox Productions at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City. In December he will be directing Theatre Double’s Black Nativity in Philadelphia.

Wow, that’s quite a long way from pitching the Premier Power Chair.

I’m happy to have found the identity of the man who brings a few seconds of sheer joy to my day with song. Bravo on a job well done. And here’s hoping that the Hoveround will send you to many more theatrical productions…hell, maybe some blockbuster movies. Hollywood, hire this guy!

And now for your listening pleasure….ladies and gentlemen, Michael LeLand:

The Actual Commercial

And of course, you knew there would be a remix

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