Conan’s back!

I don’t watch much TV, but I had to catch Conan in his new slot on TBS. It was great. He had Seth Rogan and Jack White from the White Stripes on the show. He opened with a video outlining his failures attempting to work for places like Burger King.  It was a classic dose of self-pity that Conan has grown to be known for.

It was also good to see he dominated the ratings last night. Conan averaged 4.2 million overall viewers to Late Night with David Letterman’s 3.4 million and Leno’s 3.3 million. He’s titled his show “Conan”, a strategic move he says that will make it harder for the network to find a replacement for him.

I had the chance to interview Conan in Phoenix last year, and to this day, it stands as my favorite interview I’ve ever done.

It was a good start for the new “Conan” show, but I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m hoping he does well. But when he debuted as host of “The Tonight Show” his audience plunged 50 percent in a week — in part because so many curious people who don’t regularly watch late-night TV checked it out the first night. We’ll see what happens.

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