Day 1: Chest and Back

Annnd, we’re off to the races. First day of P90x is in the box. It was a very easy, low-impact, low-key day. More of a ‘time to wake up’ kind of day for my muscles (or what’s left of them). My office has been converted into my ‘workout haven’. So in between sets I took a few pics of what I’m working with.

On top of the first day of working out, I’ve started in on a better eating plan. So a lot less junk food (not that I ate much) but same with carbs (chips, etc. etc.). I eat the same thing every morning/afternoon – so my flex meal is dinner. So that will be good. I’m going to focus on better meals on my break.

So today was a good start. One day down – a crap-load to go! Hoping everyone is doing well on Day #1 of their New Years Resolutions! Happy New Year.

Here’s more on my gear and setup:

[nggallery id=1]

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