Day 14: Legs & Back

Week Two P90X Completed!
Week 2 in the can.

Back on track and finished up week 2. Disappointing to see that red X on the board, but oh well. I’m back on track and that’s all that matters. Yesterday was jammed packed so it was tough to get a workout in. And Thursday was a 14 hour day at work – so that simply didn’t work out too well. But I nailed down Legs & Back today (despite not wanting any part of it!). But if I were to miss today that would have been very problematic for the program. Two misses per week (let alone one) is unacceptable unless you’re on your death bed.

That theory will be challenged with my buddy’s upcoming wedding in two weeks in Minnesota (will be there 5 days) so that means we need to bring the P90X program on the road. I’m going to stop and get some bands because, clearly, there are few dumbbells and chin-up bars just at your disposal.

But knocked out the workout today. Legs are rickety but they’re be fine. Back to work and week #3 tomorrow! Making progress. Later.

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