Day 2: Plyometrics

This was me today. Impressed? Dead sexy.

I awoke to that beautiful feeling of torn stomach muscle tissue. Ha, I’m just being dramatic. However, YES, I was sore this morning. If you’ve never done Ab Ripper X – there’s a reason they call it that. Ab Ripper is done 3 times per week AFTER your main exercise. It hurts, it’s hard. At least in the beginning. I went ‘easy does it’ yesterday only completing about 1/2 the reps to ensure I could finish. That’s a great plan (comes from experience!).

Today was the legs turn. Plyometrics. It’s my most hated exercise (I promise I’ll be more positive shortly) but for real, this is the exercise I dislike the most. It’s all this jumping around, squats, lunges, hops, skips, jumps. Your legs just want to cry before it’s over. Like yesterday, in fact this whole week, I’m ‘easing into it’ so I don’t overdo it and get sick (again, EXPERIENCE!).

I survived Plyo today. I did fall to the ground at one point and moan and whine like a child during the ‘Mary Katherine’ exercise. But I finished and it felt good. Tomorrow will be my official foray into soreness. But the best part is getting out of that phase. That takes about a week.

So onward! Day 2 is toast. Tomorrow is a busy day so I have to get up early to tackle Shoulders & Arms. It’s the Glamor Routine as Tony the host says.

Heh. Nothing glamorous about my game this week, that’s for sure.  Seeya tomorrow!

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