Day 20: Legs & Back

I hit the golf course today.

A couple buddies and I went to Dubsdread, an Orlando course near downtown, for some much needed fresh air and practice.  I have a great app to track the round called Golf Shot, and it keeps track of all my rounds. I noticed I hadn’t played since November 19th. Pathetic. But ironically, that round was the best back nine of my career – so I was hoping to reproduce the results during this outing.

It didn’t happen. But we still had fun.

Suffice it to say, I did get a workout in, but it was less-than-stellar. I started and I was so dead, that I just mailed it in. But I still did enough to be wiped out. The rest of the day was sleeping, well, passed out actually.

So with 18 holes and a mediocre workout, I’d say it was a successful Saturday from a fitness perspective. Onward!

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