Day 24: Kenpo X

Forget water-boarding. If you want to punish a criminal, just turn on the fire alarm all morning. My apartment complex decided to test our sprinklers today. But along with that came the fire alarm.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeep Attention! Attention! This is an emergency. Stop what you’re doing and leave the building immediately. Beeeeeep!

I’m all about safety. But this went on and on for hours. I didn’t even hear the guys knock on my door to test the sprinklers because I had earplugs in. I thought I was going to lose it. But we survived. And the sounds stopped by workout time. Thank goodness. Working out with earplugs may have been a bit odd.

TONS of energy today. The sleep I’m getting is awesome. And it’s because Tara is sick, so we’re going to bed early. Smartest thing ever. And I’m careful so that I don’t get sick because that wouldn’t work.

I killed Kenpo today and headed off for my last day of work for five days. Life is good. My good buddy Nick Thacker gets married on Saturday.  So a lot of celebrating, but I intend to make the workouts count! Wish me luck. It’s a tough task.


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