Day 26: X-Stretch

Downtown Minneapolis
View from #1021 at the Crown Plaza

Glad today was the X-stretch because it was another busy day and I had to workout quickly from the confines of our hotel room in downtown Minneapolis. We are in town for my buddy Nick Thacker’s wedding.

We got a great room on the corner of the building overlooking some of downtown. The weather isn’t too bad, about 30-degrees.

This workout was quick, but got it in. Tomorrow is the wedding and I know I’ll be struggling to find any kind of time to work out. So it’ll have to be what it is. Should be a great time though. Nick and his soon-to-be-wife Katie are getting married at the Semple Mansion. A neat mansion owned by a hardware dealer in the early 1900s.

Good stuff. Good to be home and in the cold weather for a change. (:

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